Why your emotions don’t need fixing

Let me just start by pointing out that none of your emotions needs fixing. Yes, you heard that right. Not even the most gruesome, horrific emotions you don’t allow yourself to feel. They are all valid, and they are all allowed to be accepted.

But what to do if you’re in a space where it feels difficult to tune in with your emotions? Or you even feel that they are sabotaging your goals and behaviour?

Wouldn’t it be easier to not allow ourselves to feel them? Or to release or fix them without actually feeling them?

Lately, I noticed a trend of people sharing to on turn to somatic practices like tapping, shaking or breathwork when we feel overwhelmed by an emotion.

Which, as a somatic practitioner and coach myself, I am such a big believer in. 

Yes, yes, yes – turn to the body to heal and reset the nervous system.

But also: Cultivate the ability to listen closely to what you and your body actually need right in this moment before you turn to any kind of practice. 

If we don’t bring our emotions into the equation and letting them lead in what practice is best at any given moment, we’re missing the point. 

We turn to any kind of somatic practice first and foremost to come into touch with our emotions and sensations to allow them to show themselves and gently move through them. Our nervous system can only come into equilibrium if we also feel emotionally calm and grounded. 

When we turn to a practice like breathwork or shaking, but without connecting to the intelligence of our emotions, we’re still leading from the head. 

Rather than allowing what wants to be expressed naturally through our body, we’re forcing a certain outcome.

Instead of addressing the emotion at the root by creating a safe container for it to be witnessed, felt and expressed without control or the need to change it, we are just looping in a layer of self-regulation whenever a new trigger presents itself. 

Often, unconsciously, we don’t want to go into this space of discomfort and stuck emotions and simply turning to a practice that promises release seems like the best option. 

Old imprints, traumatic experiences and wounding we experienced still linger in the body. Feeling them is uncomfortable, sometimes even unbearable. 

But also through the body you can allow yourself to experience the emotion only as deep as you want to, without the overwhelm that comes from the headspace. 

And here is where gold lies. In inviting the emotional state into the somatic space. Merging the nervous system safety with the emotional expression.

The key is to allow yourself to really feel the emotion and the sensations. Sitting in the space of discomfort without the need to change anything and simply accepting it. This is crucial. 

Release the need for your somatic practices to feel „good“. They can feel uncomfortable and difficult and sticky. But if practiced with emotional awareness, we get deep down to the root of our issues, patterns, and trauma. And slowly, we get to release it bit by bit.  

Instead of turning to a practice that is essentially aimed at removing this emotional state, allow yourself to fully feel with what you are experiencing in the moment. 

And from this space, let the body speak and allow the intelligence of the emotion to find its own authentic expression and somatic release.

From this wish of merging the intelligence of our emotions and the somatic practices, I created a FREE somatic journey for you that guides you deep into exploring your emotions and sensations, meeting resistance towards accepting and feeling them and allowing their authentic expression so you can come back into a state of heart-centeredness, truth and nervous system regulation, connecting deeper to your heart’s truest desires. 

Download your FREE practice and workbook here and tap into your feeling state and connect back to your truth by allowing your emotions to be exactly as they are.

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