Alchemy of You


Release the blocks to intimacy and create a secure relationship with yourself and the masculine

hand on heart

Do you long to create a fulfilling intimate relationship?

but no matter how you twist and turn it – you’Re relationships continue to be a struggle?

My love, it’s time to break the cycle. I’m here to show you that the deep intimacy and earth-shattering union is possible for you.

ready to follow this call and create the fulfilling intimate relationships you have never seen modeled?
magical woman

does that sound like you?

  • You long for a fulfilling intimate partnership, in which you feel fully seen, experience deep love and allow yourself to truly surrender – but often feel your partner or date isn’t craving the same depth
  • Until now, intimate relationships have often been a source of recurring conflict, push-pull dynamics, emotional unavailability or re-activation of old wounds
  • You want to deeply trust men but often push him away – surrendering in love feels unsafe because of past experiences of trauma, shame or abuse
  • You are an independent woman in life and career – but it’s challenging to recognize and communicate your needs in relationships. You step over your own boundaries to receive love or lose yourself in a connection
  • You want to lead life more from your feminine energy, connected to your womb, sensuality and heart – but you often feel stuck, “switched on” and in functioning mode – stressed, controlling and perfectionistic
become the woman that masters her relational patterns once and for all and creates secure intimacy

Mentoring available in deutsch & English

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.“
– Rumi 

Alchemy of You

3-6 month transformational trauma-trained coaching program
for women longing to create a devoted intimate union through breaking generational patterns, mastering triggers and repair the relationship with themselves

Receive the tools to dismantle deep seated conditioning from your family system, integrate old attachment trauma and lead your relationships from a place of authenticity and truth.

  • Become your own anchor of safety and trust by tending to your nervous system, so you break the cycle of overwhelm and disconnect with yourself
  • Discover proven tools based on newest trauma research and neuroscience as well as ancient practices for a lasting transformation of your triggers and protective mechanisms
  • Unmask shadows of self-sabotage, take responsibility and build the fulfilling relationships that help you heal and grow in the present
you receive in-depth guidance and a clear path to dismantle deeply ingrained patterns standing in the way of true intimacy – without getting lost in the process

I. Resource

Learn to regulate your nervous system and connect to your bodies’ wisdom. Process your emotions and triggers from a place of deep rooted inner safety instead of overwhelm.

II. repair

Address the root of dysregulation: Repair old childhood wounds + transform deep-seated protective mechanisms. Discover and communicate your needs and boundaries in relationship and build a secure attachment within.

III. Restore

Address your core wound in intimacy and rewrite your relational patterns. Restore the relationship with yourself and men. Create union from a place of receptivity and sovereignty – leading from your mature feminine energy.

Ready to lead yourself as the powerful creator that you are?

Lasting transformation happens on the level of the body

learn to address and resolve your patterns at the root – through the body and subconscious

I work with a trauma-sensitive, holistic bottom-up approach that addresses the root of the matter instead of treating symptoms or changing your mindset.

You learn how to release the underlying patterns and childhood wounds that cause your dysregulation and adaptive strategies in the first place. 

You become the woman who can hold herself through her own emotions and triggers and – the gamechanger – to change your relationship dynamics in the present.

You will move from survival mode to thriving and form authentic connections with yourself and others.

Why is it not enough to just understand your patterns?

Repressed emotions, limiting belief systems and trauma imprints usually have their origins in childhood, when our meets weren’t met.

These are stored in the “older” brain parts, which are linked to subconscious and autonomous nervous system. This part of the brain doesn’t respond to changing thoughts or cognitive understanding. To release subconscious imprints, you need to learn to speak the language of the nervous system – the felt sense.

The Framework

that holds all of your processes

Modul I: attunement + resilience


Create the foundations for change through a regulated nervous system 

  • The art of inner listening: Learn to regulate your nervous system & discover the felt sense to process emotions and limiting beliefs from a grounded perspective
  • Break the cycle of chronic activation and overwhelm: Feel safety & stability within and attune to your bodies need for slowness and balance
  • Reactivate own resources instead of regressing into past events
your extra tools

NVS + Polyvagal Workbook + Videos, Emotional Regulation Meditation, Somatic Embodiment Practice

Modul II: attachment + inner child


transform deep-seated limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns at the core

  • Discover your core wound: Understand & address the root cause for dysregulation and integrate protective mechanisms
  • Renegotiate developmental trauma & create secure attachment
  • Meet your inner child‘s needs – give yourself now what you needed in the past to feel empowered
  • Learn meet all parts of yourself with acceptance and to hold yourself through challenging emotions

your extra tools

Attachment workbook + videos, Inner Child Meditation, Parts Mapping

Modul III: relating + conflict


the paradigm shift: change your relational patterns & master your triggers

  • Uncover and transform the adaptation strategies & underlying dynamics of your family system
  • Heal your mother & father wound: Give back what isn’t yours + re-parent yourself
  • Feel safe in contact with others: Navigate conflict & triggers from a safe & grounded place + express your authentic needs & boundaries
  • BONUS: Womb Healing + release old connections
your extra tools

Workbook Mother/father wound, Ancestral Healing Ritual, Trigger Meditation

MODUL IV: intimacy + leadership


Rebuild the relationship with self + men & step into self-leadership

  • Become receptive for the masculine by being responsible + emotionally mature to receive him
  • Open your heart to secure love: Nourish deep intimacy and cultivate inner union
  • Connect to your sensuality and pleasure as a sacred path to greater devotion
  • Walk your path with unshakable trust in yourself & your process
your extra tools

De-armoring practice, Embodied Boundaries, Calling in secure love


What my clients say…

“Clara helped me (re)discover my own strength, inner fire and self-love

I am forever grateful for the transformative journey I took with Clara. She created a safe and nurturing space for me to explore the depths of my feelings and truths. Through her unwavering presence and compassionate listening, I learned to hold all aspects of myself with acceptance.
One of the most profound breakthroughs I experienced during our sessions was the practice of radical self-holding.
Clara helped me (re)discover my own strength, inner fire and self-love. She led me into the spaces within my where resilience and courage exist and where I could
step into the fullness of who I truly am.

“I could feel the deep transformation in our time together – so much shifted, moved and changed.”

I am in deep gratitude how lovingly, authentic and present Clara supported my processes. I could truly feel the deep transformation in our time together – so many inner and outer shifts have taken place. There are some moments and images that I will never forget. 
Thank you for your beautiful, natural support to look at the deeper topics and for your embodied presence. May your beautiful work reach and benefit many people!

This was the most important and best investment I have ever made in myself!

Through working with Clara I feel like myself again. Connected and living my purpose. I feel safe in my body and can hold myself through any challenge. I don’t overthink my problems anymore.
My relationship has reached a new level of intimacy as I am able to express my emotions, needs, boundaries and desires.
I was able to let go of so many old patterns and integrate past trauma. I never thought this would be possible in only three months.
I gained my joy of life back and can actively create my life and live my dreams.
Thank you Clara for your valuable work, I simply feel like a new person in my body and 100% like me again!

“I have always felt so held, seen, heard and supported

I have loved my sessions with Clara as I have always felt so held, seen, heard and supported by her. Clara is very intuitive, and really knows how to guide someone into feeling, rather than thinking. Working with her has helped me feel more grounded in my emotions, who I am, and in speaking my truth. Thank you so much, Clara!

” It’s amazing how you are able to create such a strong energy of love and presence

Thank you Clara for creating this room of connection and for the wonderful chance of looking lovingly at what needs to be addressed. It’s amazing how you are able to create such a strong energy of love and presence where one feels safe to open up and be held. I am so grateful to experience the knowledge and wisdom of your path and take something with me on my own journey.

“Clara brings a divine feminine and sensual warrior goddess energy into the sessions”

Clara‘s presence and energy throughout her sessions made me feel so safe, seen and held. She‘s an excellent, attentive and compassionate listener. She radiates a warm, loving and powerful light that seems to be contageous. It‘s amazing how effortlessly she can bring in the divine feminine and sensual warrior goddess energy that she so naturally embodies.

Hi love, I’m Clara

I am here to guide women into self-leadership and unshakable self worth so they can create the secure relationships they’re longing for.

Through more than 10 years of deep inner work, expertise in trauma therapy, somatics, breathwork and tantra & working with over 200 women on reclaiming their sovereignty, I distilled a profound program that addresses the root of destructive relational patterns to change them for good – for generations to come.

ALCHEMY OF YOU was born through my own journey. I went from the hyper-independent woman carrying trauma and armor around the heart to a woman who is deeply connected to herself, open and surrendered in love. I truly believe that safe & fulfilling relationships are possible for everyone and are a big catalyst for healing. Let’s lay the foundations for this reality together.

With deep knowledge for your process, a strong framework, potent tools and embodied intuition I am here to show you your blindspots, hold you in the process and guide you to back home to your truth.

I’m looking forward to connect with you, beautiful soul!

my values

why i’m doing this work


What I want for you is to create a life that feels true and authentic to you – free from chronic stress and outdated patterns running your life. Free from old wounding sabotaging your relationships. Instead of blindly reacting to triggers, you learn to break the old dynamics and lead from your truth.


I guide you to find your way back home to your body, heart & womb, where you find your core essence and integrate lost parts. Let’s create the relationships where you can express your needs and boundaries in integrity with yourself instead of settling out of fear and limitations.


I hold a space of deep safety & trust for you, that allows you to step into self-leadership. Through a deep process you return to and strengthen your own inner resources and awaken your female elemental power. You learn to build relationships from your mature feminine instead of wounded energy.

this program is for you if you...

  • Have done some form of coaching, therapy or other forms of self-development. You understand your patterns, but it hasn’t let to the change you desire – you’re ready to address and heal the issue at the root
  • Want to take responsibility for your life and your growth and are ready to step into self-leadership
  • Seek support from a trauma-trained practitioner who can hold you in your process so you come into your full power
  • Want a space that integrates healing both through proven scientific methods as well as grounded spiritual + energetic practices 
  • Know it’s time NOW to let go of destructive patterns and break the cycle – you are ready to meet yourself in your depth and create the foundations for healthy relationships
this program probably isn’t a fit if you…

  • Are looking for a quick fix to your problems
  • Aren’t ready to put in some work and aren’t committed to your own growth and healing
  • Want someone to heal or fix you instead of taking responsibility for your own process 
  • Don’t have the time, energy or resources to go deep right now (Have a look at my other offers or come back when you are ready :))
  • Are currently in a deep psychological crisis
  • *Note: Coaching is NOT therapy. For those with severe mental health problems, it is advised that you seek the help of a licensed therapist. Coaching can still be a great tool to add on to any therapy, but will not substitute it.
Be Mentored for 3 or 6 months

Transformation sessions

10 x 60 min Somatic Mentoring Sessions (3 months)
OPTIONAL: upgrade with 3x 2hr Rebirthing Breathwork

On-going support

Feel held and empowered through text & voice message support (Telegram) between sessions (Mo-Fr)
For questions, extra guidance, check-in & integration

tailor-made resources

Videos, audios, workbooks and journal prompts for profound emotional, mindset & nervous system work to understand the root of the matter

Energetic alignment

Guided meditations to rewire the brain & NVS, as well as rituals and embodiment practices that support deep inner shifts & integration

— Payment plans available —


Ready to say yes to your next level of intimacy, love & leadership?

it’s time to BREAK GENERATIONAL PATTERNS, SOURCE SAFETY WITHIN and create the intimate relationships you’ve never seen modeled

Alchemy of You

1:1 Mentoring for THE READY-FOR-LOVE womAn
  • Transform your relationship dynamics by healing old patterns, repair childhood wounding and limiting beliefs
  • Regulate your nervous system + emotions to feel safe & grounded when navigating conflict, triggers & expressing your needs
  • Release the blocks to intimacy and lead your relationships from self-worth, receptivity and truth – opening your heart to the deepest love possible
  • Hold yourself through big processes and repair the relationship with yourself

This awaits you inside

  • Close guidance – 10x Transformation Sessions (+ upgrade with 3x breathwork sessions) over 3 months
  • 5 days a week extra support through voice + text messages
  • Deep reprogramming meditations for nervous system regulation and subconscious adaptation of new beliefs
  • In-depth videos and audios for embodied understanding, psycho-education and mindset shifts
  • Life-altering rituals to shed old layers of conditioning and trauma and transcend old structures
  • Somatic Embodiment practices to feel safe, grounded and express the truth residing within 
  • Profound workbooks for implementation + lasting change
  • Lifetime access to all materials – continue your journey after our time together 

Frequently askeD Questions

My coaching containers are designed to have the greatest impact on you through a longer support & deeper intensity. Especially somatic work, building nervous system resiliency and the renegotiation of old trauma take time & patience. I believe that the slower we go, the bigger the change will be in the end. I don’t believe in quick fixes and have no interest in promising them through single sessions. Rather I take time with you uncover and address underlying mechanisms and give time and space for a holistic and sustained transformation.

Therefore, single sessions are only available to clients who have already been in a 3-month container with me.

However, if you’re not sure yet whether a long term coaching container is the right choice for you, I have an entry offer for new clients to explore my work. You can find more info and book the intro package here:

Most coaching & therapy works mainly through talking, cognition and changing behavior. What is often forgotten is understanding behavior and emotions through the body and nervous system. The part of the brain connected to our autonomous nervous system – the brain stem – holds trauma, unconscious survival mechanisms and early childhood patterns. They cannot be addressed through talking & mindset shifts as the nervous systems language is sensation.

My coaching starts exactly here – with the felt sense and a bottom up approach that incorporates the regulation of the nervous system, uncovering emotions and changing dysfunctional attachment patterns.

This work is not an emergency support or quick fix, but a deep dive to understand yourself through your nervous system, learning to access inner safety and build the resilience to heal to the root of the issue.

My intention is that after 3-6 months of working together, you won’t need another program to create a healthy relationships/live more in your feminine energy/heal your inner child.

Of course, we’re always learning, evolving and changing and „the work“ is never over. It’s beautiful that we can always go deeper into what we’ve already uncovered and I always encourage ongoing support in some form.

I also want you to leave this container with the deep-rooted foundations and confidence to hold yourself in moments of challenge and have unshakable trust in yourself no matter what.

You don’t need any specific experience prior to working with me, just an open mind, a desire to go commit to and go deep into your process and take responsibility for your life and the process.

Every session is unique to what you bring. At the beginning, you set an intention for what you want to work on/transform in the session and go from there.

We always start with regulation – it’s the entry point to build the capacity to go deeper into underlying dynamics, unprocessed experiences and activating topics without it feeling overwhelming. We always go slow and at your own pace, allowing for enough time of integration and yet taking the courage of looking at uncomfortable parts.

From there, I use my expertise and intuition to see what tools are the most useful in the context of what you bring. We can continue working with Somatic Experiencing (trauma integration), the inner child, uncovering shadows, going into your family dynamics/transgenerational healing and/or giving a voice to inner parts.

At the end of the session you leave feeling regulated, secure in yourself and with a shift regarding the topic you brought. This helps you to see more clearly and make decisions and move forward peacefully.

In the long run you feel that the topics we worked with in our sessions also change in your inner and outer life, and the safety & security within yourself becomes your anchor to navigate life & relationships.