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Breath is is life. How we breathe is how we experience life.

Breathing fully has the capacity to regulate our nervous system, get in touch with our emotions and change our life.

Through trauma, unprocessed and stuck emotions, the body “forgets“ how to breathe properly – inhaling and exhaling fully and deeply. The breath and the flow of life energy gets stuck and in turn we don’t experience our full capacity of being-ness. 

Breathwork aims at restoring the connection to the breath by bridging the separation between body and mind and in turn bringing us back into a state of wholeness, where we experience our full capacity of breath and beingness


Clarity Breathwork is a potent healing technique using conscious and connected breathing for deep transformation, integrated healing and states of inner peace

Through altering our breathing into a relaxed, conscious and connected manner, we are able to drop into the body and experience the present moment in its fullness. Rebirthing Breathwork stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest & digest response. In the process, the body is able to relax and heal itself. We can let go of mental, emotional and physical tension. 

The flooding of the body with higher levels of oxygen helps to connect us to our subconscious and allows any trapped emotions, blocks or limiting beliefs to rise to the surface where they can be fully expressed and lovingly released out of our system.

You will leave feeling more whole and integrated in your being.

Over time, deep shifts and transformation can take place. Breathwork has the ability to break long-held patterns and restore the flow of life energy that can be blocked through stress, trauma and dis-ease. Breathing helps to change our life choices, reach our full potential and take aligned actions to birth our dreams into reality. 

Modern knowledge meets ancient wisdom

Breathwork is the bridge between body and mind – the conscious and the subconscious

When we work solely on the cognitive level, we don’t reach our old patterns and belief systems, as they are wired in our subconscious and stored in the body.

In a breathwork session, we involve the emotional part of the brain too – the limbic system – which is connected to the breath and our fight-flight-freeze response. This allows us to process old emotions and trauma on a feeling level – tapping into the subconscious part of the brain where integrated shifts can happen.

Experience your full potential, Liberate your nervous system, let go of limiting beliefs and get to root of the issue on a somatic & mental level


Breathwork is one of the most potent healing tools for body, mind and soul – and it’s always available for us.
Benefits include…
  • Supporting the healing & release of old emotional wounds and (birth) trauma – recoding safety on the visceral level
  • Shatter limiting beliefs and mental, emotional and energetic blockages
  • Stress reduction & nervous system liberation 
  • Greater levels of clarity, energy, vitality and well-being 
  • De-armoring: release of physical & mental tension
  • Experiencing a state of deep joy, creativity, pleasure & bliss
  • Cellular regeneration: Cleanses toxins from the cells of the body 
  • Reduced anxiety & depression
  • Experience higher states of consciousness: Receiving guidance about one’s path and purpose, peace & connectedness to the whole 

How does a session look like?

Private sessions include somatic tools, emotional release techniques, energetic healing and a coaching part at the beginning next to one hour of breathwork.

What arises in the process of breathing is unique to every individual. Whatever might come up is there to be brought to light and eventually released. Trust that your experience is exactly what is needed for your healing right in that moment.

In the session you will be held in a completely safe environment that allows you to integrate and express everything that is necesaary right at this moment.

I work with both the scientific knowledge about breathwork, the nervous system and trauma integration as well as ancient spiritual and energetic work.



90-100 minutes (incl. coaching, embodiment practices & somatic healing tools)

From the comfort of your own, safe home

Allowing you to go deeper into your private processes as I hold & guide you


120 minutes (incl. coaching, embodiment practices & somatic healing tools)

Central Location in Berlin

In person sessions include Reiki, gentle touch, sound healing and aromatherapy


hey, beautiful!

I’m Clara, a trauma-informed somatic coach, breathwork facilitator and tantra + yoga teacher. I support you in creating unshakable full-body safety & connecting deeper to the longing in your heart, soul and womb so you find your way back home to yourself.

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