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CONNECT TO THE LONGING IN YOUR heart, womb and soul

Hello love, I’m Clara!


I work as a trauma-trained somatic coach, breathwork facilitator and tantra + yoga teacher. My work offers a portal into the depths of somatic healing, authentic femininity, non-dualistic tantric teachings and embodiment medicine.

I serve you to bring out more of the magic essence that already resides within you. Let’s go together on a journey of remembering and resurrection – opening yourself to deeper layers of sensual feminine being, raw intimacy, creative expression, deep healing, and reconnecting to your true self and source. 

xx Clara


Letting the body speak

At the core of my work lies the deep wish to connect you to your physical vessel to let it unravel and tell its story, come into a deeper awareness of your emotional state and lead the way to your authentic desires

…so you get to ’em-body’ your soul gifts, express your wholeness and cultivate deeper self-intimacy.
my method
how i work

Most of the inner struggles, limiting beliefs or difficult emotions we’re facing now are a result of a lack of attachment in childhood. 

If our core needs were continuously not met as children by our caretakers, we develop survival mechanisms and coping strategies in order to secure love & attachment to our parents.

The coping mechanisms and strategies we needed as children to survive with our caretakers often interfere with forming the aliveness & connection with self and others in the present. 

In the first years of our life, we mainly used our body (nervous system) & emotions to get our needs met & co-regulate with parents. Therefore, we need to include the body, awareness of our inner processes like sensations, emotions and energetic imprints in the healing process.

It takes a dual awareness of the past & present – staying anchored in the bodily experience in the present moment – while exploring the attachment patterns that started in the past.

This way we can renegotiate old survival styles in the present. In turn, we feel more connected to ourselves and others, more alive and our childhood experiences have less power over us. 

Somatic awareness

Ground yourself in the present moment & become aware of your body, sensations, emotions and thought patterns


Address what was lacking in care during formative years and attune to your core needs of safety, belonging and connection

Survival strategies

Explore how coping mechanisms learned in early life interfere with our capacity to feel connected and alive in the present moment

Completion of processes

Containment and support to resolve the residues of shock trauma safely & slowly

Emotional integration

Understand and integrate the core intention behind your emotions 

1:1 mentoring

Alchemy of You

Move from trauma to deep trust and create the safe & truthful relationships with yourself, life and the masculine

My signature program supports you in releasing outdated relational patterns to create deep intimacy, truthful relationships and thrive as a feminine being 

Learn to speak the language of your nervous system, reconcile your inner child, connect to your mature feminine energy while letting go of old attachment wounding, connect to your pleasure and rise in love.

Mentoring in Deutsch & English

more ways to work together

rebirthing breathwork

return to your full potential

Are the same sticky patterns replaying over and over in your life or business? Do you desire liberation from your limiting beliefs not only on the level of the mind but also integrate them in the body and soul?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a profound healing tool that works through the power of conscious, connected breathing. This allows us to drop into our subconscious where we can heal, integrate and release stuck emotions, stress and trauma and liberate our nervous system to experience deeper bliss, profound clarity, more energy and enhanced creativity. 

Single sessions & packages available

Embodied Yoga

Come home into sacredness and wholeness within

In its simplicity and sacredness yoga has the potential to become a tool for finding deeper union within your own self.

My classes are focused on connecting you to the wisdom that resides in your own body and your heart. I guide you to explore your own avenues of healing through bringing body, mind and soul in alignment. 

Classes are a mix of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and yogic wisdom combined with somatic healing tools to bring you into deeper awareness of being and explore new ways of moving.

Come and let the practice take you on a journey of create a meaningful, fulfilled, deep and embodied life in alignment with spirit and source.

Group classes in Berlin & online + private sessions available 

Free guided somatic journey

My gift for you… Receive a 30-minute guided somatic healing practice + workbook.

Begin your somatic healing journey by exploring your emotions, body and sensations and connect to your heart’s desire.

Get your FREE guided somatic practice + workbook to find clarity, connection to the voice of your heart and emotional regulation.


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