A Call to the Sacred Feminine: Healing the Divine Goddess within

The history of humanity has reached a point where it is impossible to deny the political and ecological challenges we are facing right now. Never before in recorded history have we been confronted with such pressing issues at hand. 

Increasing disharmony and conflict between races, disconnection from ourselves, the earth and others as well as the ongoing destruction of our planet – Mother Earth – demonstrate the urgent need for change, if we as a human race want to continue living and thriving.

It seems as if the patriarchal system has taken its toll on humanity. Patriarchy seems worn out and hasn’t found any favorable solutions for the challenges of the twenty first century. The wounds we are facing globally are indeed a reflection of our individual and collective disconnection from the very source of life – divinity and with it the sacred feminine. 

What is the sacred feminine?

In its very essence, the sacred feminine embodies our connection to the very source of life: to love, to creation itself, to the embodiment of our connection to nature or „Mother Earth“. However, in today’s society this connection has been lost, resulting in a disconnection from creation and with it a harm of all forms of life and our innate state of (self-)love.

Throughout the course of human history, the divine feminine has been deeply wounded, suppressed and shamed. Various historical systems rooted in patriarchy have violated her, stripped her from her power, censored her, ridiculed her innate wisdom and intuition and seen her as inferior.

One epitome of the suppressing of the divine feminine can be seen with the historical burning of witches at stake, but also current societies see women as second-class citizens and deny them rights over their bodies by criminalizing abortion. 

In general, modern patriarchy sees a woman only as valuable if she is masculinized in her behavior and conforms to patriarchal values. With that comes the abandonment and denial of her inner wisdom, intuition and power.

Consequential, the collective feminine psyche is wounded by centuries of oppression. Even though we might not have suffered from the patriarchal system as much as our (female) ancestors, it is still felt in our bodies, our DNA and our in collective consciousness. 

In order to heal and to change the course of human history, we need to remember, heal and embody the divine feminine essence within all of us. Whereas the focus lies of course on females, it is not tied to them. The divine masculine also suffers from the effects of patriarchy. In a balanced state, men and women would embody both the divine feminine and masculine. 

But how exactly is the patriarchal system harming the collective consciousness and can even be made responsible for the challenges we are facing on a global issue?

Why the threats society is facing on a collective level are a feminine issue

On a surface level, the political challenge and the ecological threat we are facing might not appear to be rooted in the suppression of the divine feminine. However, if we take a closer look and examine in which principles the patriarchal system is rooted in, it becomes evident that our most threatening issues at hand, mainly the climate challenge and global separation, are rooted deeply within our current political system. 

To explain this, it makes sense to look at the fundamental ideology, belief and practices behind patriarchy. The system of patriarchy is created by (white) men for (white) men. Hence it excludes everyone that is not male, white or human. Ruling by separation, domination and control everything that does not fall into this realm isn’t accepted and will be changed or wiped out by the system. Patriarchy is not to be confused with divine masculine energy, as it is not in accordance with the laws of nature but follows the laws of the ego-mind. Whereas the divine masculine is rooted in true strength and power, protection and wisdom, patriarchy is driven out of fear and the denial of the flow of life.  

Of course it is important to mention here that modern Western European society is based upon the liberal ideals of prosperity and peace. However, patriarchy is still dominating in other parts of the world and can also still be felt here in its underlying principles. 

If we look closely especially into patriarchies ruling principle of separation from self, others, life and nature, we see how this is reflected in today’s society for example in the refugee crisis and the rise of nationalism and xenophobia. If we look further into the pressing ecological challenge of climate change, there is clearly a connection between stripping our planet – again: Mother Earth – from her resources and the way women are treated in society. It seems obvious that if we continue act upon the patriarchal principles, we are destroying not only our planet but also the whole of humanity for the cost of a few greedy, money-driven beings.

As described above, the essence of the divine feminine is love, compassion, creation, harmony, balance and unity – everything that seems lacking in our world right now. Thus, in order to heal global issues at hand, we first need to look within and heal the divine feminine energy within all of us.

How can we heal the wounded feminine and change patriarchal structures?

The only way to heal the divine feminine energy within all of us (men and women alike), is to look within us first. We have to recognize, acknowledge and heal the parts where our sacred energy has been wounded. Where have we been mistreated, looked upon, violated and disconnected to ourselves? When we look at these wounds with forgiveness, love and compassion, that is where the true healing starts. Only in that way can we reclaim the essence of the divine feminine and re-connect to our truest nature. Instead of separateness, we have to create oneness and kindness. We have to rise beyond the limitations of both patriarchy and feminism (patriarchies counter movement). Only then can we become awareness of our Oneness and the divinity within each of us. 

While bringing awareness to our wounds is an essential part, it is even more important what we are doing with this knowledge. Re-connecting to nature is a deeply healing tool, spreading love and compassion – even though it might be met with resistance, giving yourself a voice and letting ourselves be vulnerably seen, expression through art and making conscious choices in our everyday lives, these are all ways of healing.

Next to that it is just as important to have a community to share, heal together and co-create with each other. Look out in your local community for Women’s Circles, celebrating the divine feminine and offering ways of expression through shared singing, art, yoga or meditation.

Only through our collective power can we restore the balance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, the natural opposing forces of yin and yang, and unite them while at the same time celebrating our differences.

As Yogi Bhajan already said: “We have one last hope. If woman can change and rise to her grace, everything will be well.” 

Connect to your sacred feminine essence

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