Awakening Her


9-weeks to come home to your body, feel alive in your femininity and awaken your sensuality

Meet yourself more intimately than ever before

through deep somatic nervous system healing, soft womb tending and slow pleasure medicine

envision this…

The morning light shines through your window and instead of anxiously rushing out of bed, checking your phone first thing in the morning and feeling overwhelmed by all of the tasks ahead… You take a moment and savor this precious moment,  feeling the warmth of your body beneath the sheets.

As you breathe into your heart and womb space, you feel softness flowing into every cell and layers of emotional tension melting away.

you feel deeply connected to your beautiful body as you start to gently touch yourself without a goal. 

You have no guilt or shame about taking time for yourself, because you know when you feel connected to your body and pleasure, everything gets to be so much easier. 

And there you realize it: you’ve never felt this intimate and in touch with yourself. 

Not just with your sexuality, but also with your emotions, your body and your vision for life.

Tears of gratitude are flowing as you hold yourself through this deep realization that you finally feel fully safe to be yourself. 

Where you would have numbed, pushed away or drowned in the intensity of your emotions and sensations in the past, today you get to embrace it and hold yourself, while remaining present, alive and regulated in your nervous system.

The disconnection from your body and pleasure you felt before? Feels like it was in a different lifetime.

Today you’re the woman who feels so safe and connected to her body, her truth and feminine intuition that she naturally prioritizes her pleasure and designs life on her own terms and in her own pace — without letting outside noise or pressure affect her.

Ready to become her? 
magical woman

Awakening her is for you if you…

  • Are currently often rushing through life and neglecting pleasure and want to feel safe slowing down, getting out of your head and making pleasure a priority again
  • Desire a path of healing that takes your nervous system on board and embraces slowness, softness and safety instead of pushing, running after the next quick fix or cathartic emotional release
  • Desire a deeper intimacy with a partner but you often feel blocked in fully opening your heart and body to receiving his love
  • Feel it’s time to address your sexuality and want to heal past experiences of shame, trauma, crossed boundaries or abuse — to release numbness during sex, create sexual boundaries and feel free in your sexual expression
  • Want to feel turned on by life and ecstatic during sex — and let go of toxic cycles of chronic stress, disregarding your needs and disconnecting from how you feel
  • Know there is so much magic in your body, womb, yoni and intuition — and it’s time to  release the conditioning you received and become deeply intimate with your pleasure, feelings and sensual nature 
  • Want to let go of control, surrender and release your emotional blockages — while feeling deeply safe in the body
become the woman that feels turned on by life
Pleasure is your birthright

Awakening her

a 9 week program for female leaders to transform the relationship with your body, sensuality and pleasure

A balanced, carefully designed experience with proven tools from neuroscience, somatics and mystic and energetic practices — helping you to make sense of your experience while becoming fully alive in your body

  • Trauma-informed, somatic healing framework to create a resilient nervous system, inner safety and slowly release tension from your system — without feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and feelings
  • Space and time to explore your sensuality and receive the messages from your body to transform long held patterns — leaving time for integration, slowness and and letting the transformation land in the body
  • Tantric practices and deep feminine embodiment work that expand your capacity to hold and receive pleasure — without needing to perform or reach a goal

I. the foundations
II. the depth
III. the thriving

Are you ready to reclaim your body and pleasure as sacred?

Reclaiming your pleasure as sacred

Our modern world is driven by quick dopamine hits from social media, food and shopping, yet our nervous systems are deprived of co-regulation and starving for “real“ pleasure.

And — pleasure is so much more than sexual satisfaction. It’s a state of embodied being, of prioritizing your body and holistic well-being.

Our modern lifestyle and constant self-development has left many of us burned out. Our Inner Work made us inner work-aholics.

The self-development industry has fed us belief that we are not good enough the way we are & constantly have to improve to heal and be happy. 

However, what I’ve come to experience myself and what leading experts in trauma research agree upon is that we do not heal by changing our mindset, understanding our wounds or pushing us to be a more optimized version of ourselves. 

In fact, our wounds, limiting beliefs and trauma originate in the subconscious parts of the brain, which are connected to our body, nervous system and emotions. We cannot access them with logic or force but rather with feeling, sensing and awareness of our inner bodily processes.

What it needs to heal is therefore not doing more, but feeling more — coming into contact with repressed parts within and meeting them with love, becoming intimate with your emotions, your pleasure, your breath, your longing.

Healing happens when the nervous system is resilient, regulated and receptive for pleasure. Then it can also hold more intensity and process pain

It will naturally return to homeostasis, supporting the self-healing process. That’s why in order to create integrated change, we need to learn to speak the language of the nervous system: the Felt Sense.

We get to reinstall the feminine principles of slowness, sensuality and feeling safe in the body to be able to heal — and most importantly THRIVE.

that’s why I created Awakening Her
as a manifesto for every woman what wants to:
  • Embrace her softness, slowness & find her way back into her creative feminine essence as a radical stance against hustle & self-improvement culture 
  • Tap into her self-healing powers and build an unshakable connection of trust and safety within her & ending the cycle of constant self-improvement
  • Reconnect to her pleasure and sensuality as her superpower in healing and thriving — making her feel radiant, turned on and alive
  • Be more and do less — let her intuition guide her instead of what makes sense from the head
  • Come into contact with her heart, yoni and womb and end cycles of disconnect from her body, shame & sexual repression for generations to come 
  • Become a deeply feeling women that allows herself to feel the full spectrum of emotions, sensations and pleasure
  • Let her sexuality become a spiritual experience
  • Reclaim every aspect of the feminine: the light and dark, the wild and the soft, the playful and wise … and everything in between

What other women say…

” I feel so connected to my body and myself, especially in moments of trigger, where I don’t run away and panic anymore.”

I wouldn’t be where I am now without Clara. Through working with Clara, I was able to face & overcome my fears and spoke my truth. I stood up for myself and my feelings in the workplace & in relationships. I set boundaries and communicated my needs.
The most valuable thing  for me was to be seen & guided by your loving presence in a challenging situation, which helped me to heal the root block of challenging intimate relationships and my inner child.
I have found my North Star and feel the lasting effects of our work together inside & outside!

This was the most important and best investment I have ever made in myself!

Through working with Clara I feel like myself again. Connected and living my purpose. I feel safe in my body and can hold myself through any challenge. I don’t overthink my problems anymore.
My relationship has reached a new level of intimacy as I am able to express my emotions, needs and boundaries.
I was able to let go of so many old patterns and integrate past trauma. I never thought this would be possible in only three months.
I gained my joy of life back and can actively create my life and live my dreams.
Thank you Clara for your valuable work, I simply feel like a new person and 100% like me again!

“Clara helped me (re)discover my own strength, inner fire and self-love

I am forever grateful for the transformative journey I took with Clara. She created a safe and nurturing space for me to explore the depths of my feelings and truths. Through her unwavering presence and compassionate listening, I learned to hold all aspects of myself with acceptance.
One of the most profound breakthroughs I experienced during our sessions was the practice of radical self-holding.
Clara helped me (re)discover my own strength, inner fire and self-love. She led me into the spaces within my where resilience and courage exist and where I could
step into the fullness of who I truly am.

a glimpse into the experience

Modul I

Her body

Create the foundations for change through feeling safe in your body

  • Week 1: The female nervous system & somatic healing — Cultivate safety in the body and embrace slowness, softness and sensuality in healing to expand your nervous system to hold the whole spectrum of your emotions 
  • Week 2: Soften into your feminine core — Begin dissolving armor around your heart and numbness in your body to become attuned to the subtle messages of your body and open yourself to deeper (self-)intimacy
  • Week 3: Sensual Anatomy — Experience a unintentional connection to your yoni and female body through Taoist practices & the yoni egg
your extra tools

Somatic Embodiment Practice, Womb-heart-throat meditation, Yoni Mapping & more

Modul II

Her womb

dive into the magical and mystical portal of your feminine oracle

  • Week 4: Wise Womb — Receive the power of connecting and healing your womb and embodying ancestral wisdom 
  • Week 5: Her Cycle + Blood — Tap into the biological, psychological, and spiritual system of evolution that lies within your female body through the practice of cycle awareness
  • Week 6: Dark Goddess — Release shame, embrace your shadow and let go of the conditioning around female sexuality and what it means to be a woman
your extra tools

Ancestral Womb Healing Ritual, Cyclical living, Embodied Anger + boundaries & more


Her Pleasure

ignite your intimacy and awaken your sexuality for deep ecstasy

  • Week 7: Sexual & Soft Trauma healing — Trauma integration through a body-based, bottom-up approach, re-write your sexual story and re-install sexual boundaries
  • Week 8: Deepen (Self-)Intimacy + Orgasmic Potential — Release the blocks to intimacy, create new pleasure pathways and source your own pleasure through embodied self-pleasure 
  • Week 9: Embodied Eros + Tantra Energetics — Awaken your kundalini shakti and full-body sexual energy as a path to infinite creative energy and life in erotic activation
your extra tools

Re-write your sexual story, Cord Cutting Ritual, De-armoring practice, Tantra Alchemy & more

“I could feel the deep transformation in our time together – so much shifted, moved and changed.”

I am in deep gratitude how lovingly, authentic and present Clara supported my processes. I could truly feel the deep transformation in our time together – so many inner and outer shifts have taken place. There are some moments and images that I will never forget. 
Thank you for your beautiful support to look at the deeper topics and for your embodied presence. May your beautiful work reach and benefit many people!

“I have always felt so held, seen, heard and supported

I have loved my sessions with Clara as I have always felt so held, seen, heard and supported by her. Clara is very intuitive, and really knows how to guide someone into feeling, rather than thinking. Working with her has helped me feel more grounded in my emotions, who I am, and in speaking my truth. Thank you so much, Clara!

” It’s amazing how you are able to create such a strong energy of love and presence

Thank you Clara for creating this room of connection and for the wonderful chance of looking lovingly at what needs to be addressed. It’s amazing how you are able to create such a strong energy of love and presence where one feels safe to open up and be heldI am so grateful to experience the knowledge and wisdom of your path and take something with me on my own journey.


Hi love, I’m Clara

Somatic trauma expert | intimacy coach | tantra + embodiment guide

It is my deepest calling to support women to come home to their body, their authentic feminine power and restore devotional love.

The most incredible teachers on my healing path have been the connection to feeling safe in my body, my femininity and my pleasure. They helped me to embody my magic and to heal the disconnect to my own emotions, feelings and dysfunctional patterns.

After working with women for 5+ years on all things trauma healing, female embodiment and intimacy I created (or better channeled) Awakening Her as a manifesto to every women who wants to reconnect to her body, womb and blissful pleasure to awaken her feminine power and feel worthy to create an intimate union.

I’m not your go-get-it coach who offers a quick fix. Neither am I your airy Tantra fairy who has transcended all the earthly realms. 

I combine deep somatic embodiment, neuroscience & latest trauma research with more mystic, energetic and shamanic practices like womb wisdom, authentic tantra and conscious sexuality

The result is my unique approach where I offer you a grounded and safe space to seen and held, yet gently nudged out of your comfort zone for a lasting, profound transformation

This awaits you inside

  • 9 x 90-120 min live group calls compromised of embodiment practices, rituals, teachings and sharing in a safe group setting
  • Trauma aware setting with deep somatic healing, sensual and tantric practices to support you get intimate with yourself and release sexual blocks
  • Private telegram community for sisterhood, sharing & support space
  • Guided by an expert (trauma counsellor, somatic therapist & tantra teacher)
  • Access to the online portal with pre-recorded videos, audios and practices for embodied transformation and nervous system rewiring
  • Special guest expert on menstruation & cyclical living 
  • 3 x in depth workbooks with journal questions and extra information to reflect and integrate your transformation 
  • Access to all recordings & materials for at least one year (incl. updates) – continue your journey after our time together 

next Program start: sunday, June 14th

Call times: Sundays 10am CET | 6pm AEST . Replays available.

*Call schedule is subject to change

early bird price ends in

Investment: 770€ EB (until june 2nd) | 990€ regular

Payment plans up to six months available

*Prices are excl. VAT (where applicable)

Ready to say yes to your next level of pleasure, safety and intimacy?

Vip Option available

3 x 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions

Personal support to integrate trauma, move through emotional blocks and embody your feminine essence

Only 5 spots available

+++ Special Pre-Sale Offer +++

only available until May 19th

If you sign up Awakening Her before May 19th, you’ll receive my new course Re:Sourced — The Power of Feeling Safe for FREE with your purchase (value 97€).

Re:Sourced is a self-paced course to support you to understand the transformative power your nervous system holds in your life and relationships, learn to self-regulate, recognize trauma patterns and unprocessed emotions you might be holding onto and create the foundations for healing and thriving

it’s time to find unshakable safety within, create new pleasure pathways and experience your body in a whole new way

Awakening Her

not just a program – a way of living and loving
surrender into your authentic female essence while holding deeper intimacy, pleasure and life’s intensity
  • Experience deeper layers of pleasure, ecstasy and aliveness — feeling fully turned on by life
  • Release shame and sexual wounding and connect to your sexuality and as a sacred path to greater pleasure and spirituality
  • Gently release trauma, tension and emotional blockages from your body and create a new foundation of safety within through a regulated nervous system
  • Become deeply intimate with yourself, feel your unshakable female power awakening, honoring and processing your whole emotional spectrum 
  • Discover and honor your needs and boundaries on a physical level and communicate them in relationships
  • Relaxing into your version of femininity and sensuality, connected to your body and healing your womb

this gets to be your actual reality


Group sessions are a trauma-informed space to practice together and for sharing your experience. The telegram space is your place to share your journey with other participants, support each other and to ask clarifying questions related to the program content and practices.

Please note that there will be no personalized coaching in group sessions or in the telegram space.

This is due to the delicate nature of sexuality and trauma work. Everyone’s experience is completely unique and it wouldn’t be in integrity to solve someone’s trauma in a mere minutes on a group call or telegram message with no context.

However, I am very present and focused with the group throughout the 9 weeks. I always do my best to answer questions and provide support within the boundaries of this program. 

If you desire personal support during the program, please book the VIP option.

Frequently askeD Questions

Definitely! After every session I upload the recording of to the course portal and you can watch the course materials in your own time. You will have access to all recordings for a minimum on one year after we start.

My recommendation is to try to commit to make at least half of the calls live, to experience the benefit of a live program and participate in the sisterhood group. However, the course can also be conducted as a self-study course in your own time.

Most coaching & therapy works mainly through talking, cognition and changing behavior. What is often forgotten is understanding behavior and emotions through the body and nervous system. The part of the brain connected to our autonomous nervous system – the brain stem – holds trauma, unconscious survival mechanisms and early childhood patterns. They cannot be addressed through talking & mindset shifts as the nervous systems language is sensation.

My program starts exactly here – with the felt sense and a bottom up approach that incorporates the regulation of the nervous system, uncovering emotions and coming back to the body and our pleasure.

Awakening Her is not a knowledge-based course that you just consume (although you will learn a lot of new wisdom about your body, nervous system, somatic healing and powerful ancient practices). It is an embodied manifesto which works through practice and experience.

Every practice is unique and specifically designed to support you in the transformation of this course – to learn to hold the whole spectrum of your emotions, sensations and pleasure while feeling safe within.

I blend together a unique mix of nervous system healing, somatic experiencing, trauma release, feminine embodiment, womb mysticism, tantra, breathwork and resourcing.

You don’t need any specific experience prior to this group program, just an open mind, a desire to experience the unknown (in a safe and gentle container) and understand yourself and your body better.

Since you’ll be able to freely choose your time, this program works best if you are able to lead yourself to commit to the calls & do the practices when it suits you.

Every session I will guide you through a body-based, somatic exercise. The course is structured in such a way that we work our way through it slowly – to ensure you feel safe. During every exercise you can choose to switch your camera off.

You can expect guided nervous system regulation practices, emotional release, gentle self-touch and pleasure exercises (without a goal), rituals and trauma release exercises. There will also be elements like meditation or journaling be involved.

After every practice, the space is open for sharing and exchanging your experience.

The materials + resources provided for you at the online platform also support you week by week to go deeper in your process.

No. You can do the exercises for yourself in the safety of your own  home with the video switched off. And in general, everything is an invitation. If it feels good and safe for you, you are welcome to show yourself. We celebrate every female body. But YOU set your own pace. And your pace is exactly the right one.

I want to honor you for being here first of all. I know that topics of sexuality and pleasure can bring up insecurities and can be full of shame and trauma.

You are welcome with all that you bring in this course. This is not a space to perform, but to find safety in your body to open yourself to new experiences. You might be surprised how many other women feel the same way like you do.

The group setting is trauma-informed and I take this by heart. I am a trauma-trained expert with 5+ years of training in trauma and somatics and will never guide you into cathartic releases that could re-traumatize you. I know very well how to speak to your body and mind in a way that it learns to feel safe within.

We start slow in the first weeks to first introduce safety in the body. This allows you to start connecting with your body first, without a goal and without needing it to be sexual. You always choose your pace and you will learn to get in contact with your needs and boundaries and learn what feels right for you. There is also a module in which we focus specifically on trauma healing.

I encourage you to always set your own pace in the exercises and I make sure to remind you to listen to your body always. If that means leaving certain exercises out at the moment, this is totally fine.

You can also share & receive support from other women in the community telegram group. Please note however that I do not offer personalized coaching in group sessions or in the telegram space, due to the delicacy of the matter.

You also have constant access to the meditations and practices you receive, which are designed to support you in regulating your nervous system and emotions and bringing you back into balance. All the resources and tools are designed to integrate change in a slow & sustainable way.

If you’re unsure if this course is right for you, please email me at

You can also book the VIP Option and receive 3x 60 mins. 1:1 sessions with me during the course, which support you to navigate your inner processes and release trauma and emotions.

I would like to start by firstly saying that this course is not a substitute for (trauma) therapy. If you’re currently experiencing severe (c-)PTSD symptoms, this might not be the right course for you.

If you’re ready to hold yourself through your emotions and sensations that might come up, then this is your place to be. You will learn tools on how to regulate your nervous system, ground yourself, and release chronic stress and trauma residue from your body.

I also hold a trauma-informed, as-safe-as-possible space (and take it seriously), where you will never be pushed over a boundary or guided into highly intense cathartic releases. The first weeks of the course are specifically designed to befriend your body and your nervous system in a very slow and gentle way, which allows you to develop a loving compassion for yourself, release any tension and re-install boundaries that might have been lost along the way. You are always encouraged to choose your own pace and leave what doesn’t feel good for you.

There will also be a module on sexual trauma healing, in which we dive deeply into tools to heal.

However, due to the group nature of this course, there is not enough space to offer personalized support. I always encourage taking this course alongside therapy or working 1:1 with a specialist.

If you have any doubts, whether this course is right for you, please talk to your therapist or me, and we’ll figure it out. In general, many women carry (sexual) trauma, so you are not alone in this space. If your heart and body are ready, it can also be incredibly healing to bring this into a group space and let yourself be seen – releasing all of the shame and restriction we carry around our sexuality.

You need undisturbed time for the calls and practices and an environment where you feel safe to let go (for example your home). 

Additionally, you’ll need an unscented body oil (coconut or almond are fine), a computer with Zoom and a yoni egg (this is not mandatory but recommended). 

You’ll receive all the exact details after you sign up. 

Don’t worry if you’re new to all this, you’re not the only one and I will explain everything in good time before the sessions. 

If you follow the course live, you will needs around 2,5 hours  every week – 90 minutes for the group calls + an extra hour for the videos, audio practice and workbook.

You can definitely also choose to take the course in your own timing, as you will have a minimum of one year access to the course, so there’s no pressure.

You must be a minimum of 18 years to participate – otherwise there is no age restriction.

This course is for every woman who wants to experience her body in a new way. All sexual orientations are welcome.

You can join whether you’re single or partnered, with or without a womb, menstruating or not. Pregnant women are also more than welcome to join. 

You can participate in this program, however certain aspects will need to be adapted for you and a small handful of practices you will not be able to undertake, for example the breathwork practices. If you wish to participate in this program, please let me know before we begin so we can create a customised adapted plan for you to stay safe.

When you sign up to the course, you receive immediate access to the membership portal. As the course is currently in the pre-sale stage, the pre-recorded materials will be released week by week, starting from early June onwards.

Rebirthing breathwork is a powerful healing modality works through using a conscious, connected breath. The breath allows you to drop into the subconscious part of your brain, where you can rewire your nervous system. This supports you to process emotions, integrate traumatic memory and shift limiting beliefs.
The result is feeling more alive, energized connected to yourself and your intuition.

In every breathwork session we start with nervous system regulation, grounding your energy and setting the intention for the session. You will be guided at every minute in our group breathwork journeys and never have to cross your own limits and boundaries. I’ll make sure you feel comfortable & you’re encouraged to speak up if you need extra support.

The breath can be incredibly deep, but is also a very integrative practice, that allows you to come into contact with your emotions and innermost self.

This type of breathwork is not the right one for you if you’re pregnant, have high blood pressure, epilepsy or cardiovascular disease. In this case, we will find a more suitable breath, which will also allow you to regulate your nervous system and process your emotions.

Because of the digital nature of this course, legally you are not able to receive a refund IF you access the course content (not including the basic welcome information) or participate and later change your mind.

If you DO NOT access the live content and you change your mind within 14 days of purchase, we will happily offer you a full refund as per the law and our legal policy.

Please DO NOT enrol via an instalment plan or in full, if this investment is over-stretching your finances, putting you in financial distress or you fear you may not be able to complete your payments.