The Healing Power of Sound: How music can assist in restoring our bodies

We all know that feeling of hearing your favorite song and all of a sudden, you are happy and full of energy, no matter how bad you might have felt before. On the other hand, can you recall a moment where a song played on the radio and all of a sudden, you were remembered of that deep heartbreak you experienced four years ago?

Sound and music are one of the most powerful tools in influencing our emotional state, and the vibrations of sound can be healing and destructive to our bodies at the same time.

Binaural beats, music attuned to the frequency of 432-hz and Tibetan singing bowl meditations have become more hip in the spiritual community for the past years, but how exactly can sound be beneficial to our physical and emotional health? 

There is a whole science behind sound. Potentially, sound could have the ability to process our feelings, resolve trauma and ease symptoms of pain. Other reported benefits include more relaxation, lowered stress levels, improved immune function and help with the treatment of anxiety, depression and PTSD.

What is sound and how does it affect us?

In its essence, sound is a wave of vibration traveling through the air, carried by particles. For human beings, sound is one of the most effective ways in communicating with other humans and animals. Our nervous system receives information from our brain on how to react in given situations. If we hear another human scream for example, the sound is sensed through our ears. Our brain then responds by sending information to our nervous system on how our body should react to this threat. 

Each sound wave carries a specific frequency, measured in hertz. Our bodies respond to the frequency of these waves, just as in the above explained example. Our bodies, on its most molecular level also nothing more than vibrating energy, resonate with the frequencies that have been send out. Two objects resonating at the same rate are „in resonance“. Illness and imbalances change the rate of vibration in our bodies into an unhealthy way. This is where sound comes in, which can be used as a healing tool. Beneficial frequencies can help removing energetic blockages and restore balance in our bodies, as they lift up the vibrational frequency. 

This is due to the effects of entrainment, an aspect of resonance. It describes that when you bring an object that vibrates at a particular frequency close to an object, eventually one object (the one with the less powerful vibration) will start to vibrate at the same rate as the more powerful one. This means that, if you bring an easing or healing sound close to another object (or human) that needs healing, eventually there will be a positive shift in vibration and the area will start to vibrate at a different frequency.

How exactly can sound be beneficial in healing our bodies and minds?

A nowadays world-famous study conducted by the Japanese researcher Dr. Emoto investigated the link between water and consciousness. In his study he examined how water responded to different words. He concluded that water is indeed impacted by the vibrations of sound emitted to it. 

His experiments analyzed how crystals in water formate in different shapes when being exposed to different sounds in different forms. He discovered that the water crystals form in very beautiful and appealing forms when exposed to verbal affirmations of love and gratitude, positive thoughts, beautiful music and prayers. On the contrary, when the crystals were bombarded with words like „You fool“ or „I kill you“, their molecular structure changed into deformed, ugly crystals. 

Thus, Dr. Emoto concluded that any sound is a vibration and that these vibrations, such as music or even the human voice can have immense healing powers (or destructive powers). In the end, our bodies, made up of roughly 65% water, are not so different than the water molecules. Hence, our bodies are also affected by the sounds around us. 

The vibrational sound waves traveling through air and water have the potential to change our very own vibrational frequencies. This not only possible through the way we talk to ourselves, but also by using music and instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, harps, chimes, flutes, drums, the piano and many more. 

Practical techniques for using the healing power of sound

There are of course many ways in which we can use the power of sound as a healing tool to transform our bodies, minds and emotions. On an emotional level, one simple way is to listen to your favorite music that triggers happy memories in you.

From an energetic perspective, practices like chanting mantras can lift up your vibration to resonate at a higher frequency and therefore also lift your mood and remove feelings of tension, stress or anxiety. 

Tibetan singing bowls are used since centuries by Buddhist monks for meditation and are known to promote effects of relaxation, stress reduction and to balance the body’s energy system.

If you want to experience the healing power of sound in a group setting, a beautiful way to do so is by visiting a sound journey. Here you will experience a travel through sound where you will be gently guided into a state of deep relaxation, harmony and peace by the use of gentle yoga postures, meditation and music.

The intention of a sound journey is to feel into your body by observing and exploring ourselves in relation to the sounds around us. Whether or not you believe in the vibrational frequency of sound’s healing powers is not important here, the effects will be beneficial no matter what and can range from a blissful, deep sleep to euphoria and an increase in your bodies serotonin levels.

Within the sound journey you are invited to use the experience to enhance self-awareness and the connection to your body by actively processing the physical sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise during the journey.

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